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"Thanks to YPSF, I'm in complete control of my life" - Helen's Story


When 24 year old mum Helen was offered her first home, she was delighted. Since the birth of her son, now four, Helen had been living with her mum, stepdad and two brothers, and things were so cramped Helen and her son shared a room.

But the excitement of moving into her own home was tinged with the uncertainty of wondering how she would cope. Although she badly needed the space, Helen had recently been made redundant from her job. She knew that help was available, but her severe dyslexia made the prospect of filling in endless forms daunting and Helen was unsure where to turn.

So when her cousin told her about YPSF, Helen was delighted. Helen had seen their posters and leaflets in Connexions and Jobcentreplus but hadn’t realised they’d be able to help her.

“Because I’d already been offered a house, I didn’t think that YPSF would be able to help,” says Helen.  “I put my name on the housing register when I first became pregnant, but it was over four years before I was finally offered a house. By that time, I was really down. My mum’s was really overcrowded. My little boy would be crying in the night and although no-one said anything I knew it was keeping them awake when they had work the next day. And I was finding it really hard to get a job. My dyslexia has never really stopped me doing anything, but at the time it was really getting me down and just seemed like another obstacle to overcome before I could be independent. Being offered the house was a big milestone for me, but I had no idea how I was going to manage with furniture or paying my bills.”

So Helen went into YPSF to see if they could help. “I was given my own support worker, Susan, and straight away she was giving me really practical help and advice,” says Helen. “She helped me to apply for grants for furniture, and also came shopping with me to help me to get the things that I needed. I’ve always been pretty strong minded but it was things like sorting out bills that were frightening, and Susan helped me ring up about my water and set up payment schemes and help me be able to manage my money.

“Without the help I got from Susan and YPSF, I wouldn’t have had a clue how to apply for grants or funding. Before I spoke to them, I was being advised to take out loans. If I hadn’t gone to YPSF when I did, I’d have started life in my own home in a huge amount of debt, and I doubt I’d have ever got out of it.”

As well as dealing with the practicalities of running her home, Susan was on hand to help Helen with her CV and applying for jobs.

“I can use the computer at YPSF anytime I like, so I was able to go in there and use it to apply for jobs online. Susan helped me with my CV and application forms, and it was all so informal and comfortable I didn’t feel like I was relying on someone else to do things for me. I knew I could go in there at any time with any problem and not be turned away – it was such a comfort for me.”

Helen’s persistence soon paid off, and she’s now working in a retail outlet at Wythenshawe Hospital. “Without Susan and YPSF, I wouldn’t have got this job,” says Helen. “Their support didn’t just give me the confidence to manage my own home, it helped me to take control of my life.”

And now that YPSF has helped Helen to take control of her own life, she’s determined to help other people do the same.

“I’m hoping my job in the hospital will lead to a job on a ward as a support worker. With that experience, and when my son gets older, I should be able to work in social care myself. I know from personal experience what a difference that support can make, and I think I’d be able to help other people in that position because I’ve been there, I understand.

“Sometimes, not in a horrible way, but when I see some people and they don’t go to these places for help it frustrates me because I know the help is there. I have told people in the past and they won’t go – I think it’s just complete laziness, they can’t be bothered. Instead of sorting things out people just bury their heads in the sand and get into debt with the rent and just think it will all go away.

“There’s no need for things to be like that. YPSF can give help to people who need it.”

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