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"It made such a difference having them there" - Andy's Story


When 23 year old Andy’s relationship with his partner broke down, he lost more than just his partner. The flat they shared was rented as a joint tenancy, so when his ex-partner cancelled the contract, Andy was evicted with frightening speed.

“It all happened so quickly, I didn’t know what was going on until it was too late,” says Andy. “When I did realise what was happening I registered with the council and housing associations, but I didn’t have any idea of my rights or what I could or couldn’t do. So I just packed up all my stuff and spread it around over various friends’ rooms, and then I had to leave and hand over the keys.”

But with nowhere else to go, Andy found himself on the streets, sleeping in train stations or bus shelters – anywhere he could find shelter from the winter weather. And although he’d registered with the relevant authorities, because he’d already had to leave his home they had no way of contacting him.

So when someone told him that YPSF could help to find him somewhere to live, Andy went straight to their Oldham Street Offices.

“All I knew was that they’d be able to advise me the best way forward,” says Ashley. “I thought they’d be able to give me a little bit of help to get a roof over my head, maybe point me in the right direction.”

But when he arrived and spoke to the support worker, they arranged there and then for Ashley to complete an application for a place in a hostel and secured him a place. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so quick,” he says. “But that night I slept in a warm, dry bed for the first time in months.”

And it wasn’t for just one night – Andy ended up staying at the Limes Hostel for 11 months, until he was offered his own flat.

“Getting the hostel meant I was able to register with Manchester City Council and all the other social housing landlords because I had an address,” he says. And, as well as giving Andy the stability he so desparately needed, YPSF was able to provide him with other practical support to help him get back on his feet.

“I was suffering quite badly with depression, and I don’t really have anyone that I can depend on emotionally,” he says. “I’ve been living on my own since I was 16 so I’ve always just got on with things myself, but knowing that YPSF was there to help me to get out of that situation was such a lifeline. They were so friendly and welcoming and it made such a difference having them there.”

With Andy settled in the hostel, YPSF arranged for him to complete a course which helps young people manage their own tenancies. Accredited by the Open College Network, the eight-session course covers everything from tenants’ rights to healthy living, but more importantly for Ashley, the accreditation is recognised by Manchester City Council and social housing landlords and can significantly speed up the time it takes to be offered a home.

Within three weeks of completing the course, Andy was offered his own flat. With two young daughters, it gave him a stable home to offer them and the ability to make plans for the future. “I see one of my daughters every weekend, and she picked out all the colours she wanted in her bedroom – it was fantastic to be able to get all the furniture and really make it home for her.”

Sadly, Andy’s second daughter hasn’t yet seen her dad’s new home, but he’s currently fighting for access through the courts, with YPSF’s help.

Along with securing contact with his daughter, Andy’s priority is to find a job. “I go out job searching every single day”, he says. “I’m determined, and I won’t stop until I’ve found something. I have to have that focus.”

Andy’s day starts with a visit to YPSF, where he visits the breakfast drop-in; “Financially things are tight, so it’s brilliant to have that facility there,” he says. He uses the phones and computers at YPSF to apply for jobs and update his CV, then spends his afternoons physically looking for work, going anywhere there may be an opportunity.

“I’ve done quite a few jobs since I left school and can adapt to any situation, so I’ll take whatever’s offered,” he says. “I’m a very determined person – I’ll do everything in my power to find work and become completely independent.

“It’s taken a lot to build myself back up, but I have – and the help I’ve had from YPSF has given me the confidence to do it.”

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