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Young Peoples Support Foundation



52 Oldham Street


M4 1LE

Tel: 0161 228 7654

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YPSF (Signpost)

St Andrew's Hall, Brownley Rd



M22 0DW

Tel: 0161 436 5432

Fax: 0161 437 1055


16/17 referral duty line

07961 586 822

9am to 5pm

Monday to Friday


Our Team

Everyone who works with YPSF is passionate about supporting young people.

Many of the people who work with YPSF, either as support workers, volunteers or in our administration office, have been through the same experiences as the young people who come to us for help. Some of us have been through the care system, others have had responsibility at a very young age, some have hit rock bottom and worked their way back up. Because we know what it’s like, we will never judge or criticise, and we will treat each and every person who comes to us for help as an individual with their own wants and needs.

All our support workers are fully qualified and go through rigorous, ongoing training to ensure they are able to give the best advice. Volunteers go through our own intensive training programme and are subject to nationally-approved safety checks before they work with young people, but many of them offer their time as they were once in vulnerable positions and want to give something back.

Our trustees, the people who make sure we run YPSF properly, come from all walks of life. Some are academics, others are young entrepreneurs. Many of them have a personal interest in helping young people because of the work they do or the experiences they have had. Others have become trustees because they have particular skills in managing and maintaining charitable trusts and can help us to deliver the best possible service.

Whoever you deal with at YPSF, you can be sure you will be given the best and most appropriate care and attention.


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"I loved it there, the staff were so friendly" - Natasha's Story

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