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How we made a difference in 2013/2014

Here's how we made a difference in 2013/14

Young people at risk of homelessness

All our activities focus on the prevention of homelessness and the promotion of independent living for young people and are undertaken to further our charitable purposes for the public benefit.

In 2013/14, YPSF helped 2,250 of the most vulnerable young people in Manchester. We did this by:

Tackling deprivation

93% of the young people who came to us last year were unemployed and on benefits.

Helping young people in need and enabling independent living

In 2013/14 1,509 young people were able to live in supported accommodation or in their own homes instead of becoming homeless or being taken into local authority care. We provided free, independent and quality advice on a range of issues to 1,358 young people aged16-25 to prevent them becoming homeless and assist them to live independent, healthy and economically active lives. Our long-term, one-to-one services support young people to develop skills and access the education, training and employment they need to lives independently. Not all young people have a loving family and a safe home.; we help those who don’t.

Encouraging healthy, inspirational and independent lifestyles

Last year, we gave 470 young people access to free contraception. We arranged one-to-one and group activities and training on safe sexual relationships, independent living, financial confidence, employability, cooking and peer support skills. We help young people to respect themselves, their bodies, their children, each other and other people in the community when they have no other positive role models to look to.

House Trained Service 

This year, we helped 170 young people complete our accredited House Trained Service. Which helped them develop the skills to live independently and secure their own tenancies.

16/17 Year Olds

In 2013/14, we helped 489 vulnerable 16 and 17 year old young people to live safely.  

YPSF Impact Report 2013/2014

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